Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Quit!

Believe me. I say that in the best way possible! In a time of economic uncertainty, I'm more grateful than ever for my job. In fact, we had a staff meeting at work on Monday that was prefaced by a visit from our company's CEO. More than one person was a little nervous that there would be downsizing. Not so. He had some interesting things to say- about the economy, the state of our jobs, and even some investing tips.

Let me begin by saying that I'm not normally a quitter. I can't even quit reading a book once I begin. I feel an overwhelming compulsion to finish what I started. I don't necessarily mean in one sitting, but I can't just put it aside. Ask my Mom about Anna Karenina. The quitting had to do with the conversational French class that I've been taking. I was in way over my head! The hint about a "conversational" language class is that it assumes that you've already studied the language and are just needing a brush-up. Oops! That wasn't real clear. I have taken a beginning conversational French class that was painfully elementary. Seriously. A third grader would have been bored. Apparently the jump to intermediate was bigger than anticipated. Last time I went to class we had "graduated" to an entirely French speaking class. Haha...when the professor speaks for 10 minutes and you understand 2 words, that's the first clue that you should just quit wasting your time and go to the Y instead. That's what I did this evening. It was so liberating!

My last post talked about the fact that I was barely treading water. Let me say the next part loud and clear. God is Good! There have been lots of bits of scripture that have spoken volumes of encouragement and blessing. For numerous reasons, things are looking up. That's a great thing to be able to say since the beautiful leaves of Autumn have fallen away, it's getting dark earlier and earlier every day, and the thermometer currently says 37 degrees. Probably all 3 people that read this will want to smack me, but I'm one of the crazy people who is actually sincerely enjoying the drop in temperature. I love winter! Bring it on.


Mary said...

Chocolate chip with bits of toffee. That's a cookie that will make you speak fluent French.

Mary said...

About 6 hours unless you consider the craving factor which increases speed tremendously. I would guess 4 hours would get you here a bit dangerously. You could also consider hitching a ride with dad who is driving down tomorrow and stopping in Fort Wayne. Of course you would have to endure 6 hours of German yodeling CD's and 1950's favorites sung in Penn. Dutch. He usually throws in a little Celtic something, something to mix things up a little.

Sherri said...

I thought you were going to say you quit your job there for a minute. :) Good for you for at least giving the French class a try.

And yes, I do think you're crazy for loving this coooooollllddd weather...but I love you anyway! :)

Julie said...

Good for you for finding balance in life -- sometimes quitting is liberating just as you said!!!

Glad things are looking up -- God IS good.

I am actually looking forward to snow (I love warm weather, but I also like the snow) :-)

Nicole said...

Girl I am so glad you are doing better! And I am with you on the winter thing! I love getting coats out and hats :) except by mid january to feb I could stand a little more heat and sunshine :) It was great to catch up on you!! Keep the post coming!!

heather said...

Cheryl, I admit I love to see the first and maybe 2nd snow fall....just to not be so hot all the time. But....after it drops into the 20's...I'm done. I know what a wimp. I'm glad your happy with the cold. :)

I don't blame you one bit that you quit the class....I did that with a computer class at Glen Oaks once. I wanted a starter class for computer and when I signed up they didn't have a begginning class so they gave me an advanced class and explained that the class was small enough that I would get lots of help. WRONG!! It was awful, I was in tears by the end of the first class feeling so stupid. I was totally lost. The 2nd class I faked that I didn't feel good and left. Never went back. It felt so good to take that class out of my schedule. It made me busy, and irrated that I couldn't "get" it. Good for you for trying. :)