Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Mary Janes

As promised, I'm finally getting around to showing off my latest sewing project. That makes it sound like there's been a long string of them. There has not. I'm honestly not much of a seamstress, but after seeing a couple samples on Mary's blogs, I felt inspired. When I saw them I began hoping my brother and sister-in-law would have a girl because these were just too cute. Actually they could easily be made for a boy as well with the right fabric, but who can pass up a pair of pink Mary Janes? Especially considering the fact that I'm not much of an accomplished seamstress, I was quite pleased with how these turned out. I'll admit there were actually 3 made, the first being unintended practice as I found flaws and learned how to improve the process. Katie Grace's mama, Mindy, always says pearls go with everything, so the buttons were a no-brainer. The first link above gives details on information needed to learn how to make them. Here are some photos of the process and finished product. The bag was a last minute thought that kept me up 'til 2am on a work-night, but I felt like it was worth it when it was done.

The crooked seams in this picture were what finally convinced me that this one needed to be a practice rather than the final product. I've discovered I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

Still a little too big, but I just love her little toes peeking through.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meeting Katie Grace

Last week, Wednesday through Sunday, my parents and I went to Virginia to meet Katie Grace. She was 2 1/2 weeks when we finally got to say hello. I'm biased. There are plenty of precious babies in the world. For right now, though, she is definitely the sweetest one I'm related to. I don't necessarily have a ton to say, but please indulge a proud auntie as I show her off.

This is she and I getting some bonding time while her mama tries to catch up on some sleep. Once we went to Mindy's parent's house, where my parents were staying, then my mom soaked up lots of Grandma time. That meant Katie Grace and I getting our bonding done when everyone else was asleep. Fine by me.

Little missy just loves kicking for all her nakie self is worth. She's also good at peeing when there's not a diaper around, so I indulged her freedom while still leaving the diaper where it could help.

Katie with mommy and daddy........sadly watching Michigan State lose to Ohio State. Mommy tried not to rub it in to daddy too much, but daddy and I were both a little bummed. No worries. The important tournament starts tomorrow!

Daddy thought it would be fun to give Katie a fauxhawk. Judging by the look on her face, I'm not sure she thought it was a good look. haha

I liked this one. She looks so tiny with her daddy's hand coving her whole torso. Such a precious little bundle.

I didn't pinch her. Honest.

I had to get in all the kisses I could until the next time I see her, which by the way, will be the wknd after Easter. Anyone that reads this that is in the Sturgis area, there will be a welcome party for her on Sunday, April 19. Let me know if you're interested in details.

Just hangin' out with Dad. This was the day that Michigan State did win. I think she's trying to wave at the camera.
Thanks for letting me show her off. I've not met a baby yet that wasn't sweet, but I happen to like this one even more than most. It's a little strange to watch my little brother being a dad, giving baths, changing diapers, and pretty much turning to mush when she's around.
Soon to come is another post showing off the piece of apparel I made for Katie Grace. In the meantime, though, I need to get off this computer and into my bed.