Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Katherine Grace

The last month or so has just felt blah. Not really down, blah, just nothing interesting to say or report. February tends to be that way. Well, I finally have fun things to say! My sister-in-law, Mindy, delivered a new member of the family yesterday. Katherine Grace Schwartz was born to Matt and Mindy. Sounds like she's going to be known as Katie Grace. My Grandma Schwartz was a Katie. I certainly approve.

Here 's Katie bonding with Mindy. I hear she has quite a lot of blonde hair under than little pink hat.
Daddy's learning to multi-task. That's good. I'm sure he's going to need to do lots more of that.

The whole family......after a night of rest. Labor started around 10pm Sunday night, but Katie Grace didn't show her face until 7:08pm on Monday. Long day! Needless to say, Mom and Dad were ready for a night's sleep.
I'm looking forward to making a trip to meet her soon and to give proper congratulations to her parents!

In other news........I had to make a quick trip to Sturgis this morning. I got lucky enough to downstaff from work, so that's why I had the time to go. I went through town a different way than normal. I'm glad I did because I saw an amusing sign. Here it is.

We're doing the Biggest Loser at work. First place wins just over $1000. I'm thinking that stopping in for this "meeting" might be a little counter productive. Do you suppose many people went for the weigh-in then stuck around for lunch today?

This is a bit on the random side, but on the way back to Fort Wayne, I saw this truck. My first thought was that it was a very bright green. Then I realized that with a little imagination, it looked a bit like Shrek rolling down the road. I don't know. My imagination was working overtime. I had a lot of time in the car to get bored. Yes, I realize I could get in trouble for taking this one while I was driving. :) I was at a stoplight when I took the one of the sign. I sure do like having a camera small enough to keep in my purse.
Finally.........there aren't little people in my house to provide a quote of the day, but I have a new word for the day. The bulk of my day today was spent gathering supplies needed to make a gift for Katie. I'm not the best seamstress ever, but I'm going to give it a shot. My cousin Mary is quite possibly the best seamstress ever. I have called and emailed her more than once already today asking questions. At one point I wrote that I was confused. As I read back through to make sure my question made sense, I realized that I had written that I was confusted. What's that? Confused, frustrated, disgusted, it's a bust? Not sure, but I decided that maybe it makes the point more clearly than intended.