Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photo Game

It's been so long since I last posted that I almost feel like I don't know where to start.  Since I was last on blogger, way back in October, the toolbar has changed.  For some reason, my photos below are centered, and even though I've asked the computer quite nicely, it does not seem to want my text to justify left.  Ah well, I guess we'll get over it.  My cousin Mary did a post about a photography challenge she decided to take on.  I thought of several photos I could use, but once I got going realized that some of the ones I was thinking of were on an old film camera.  I don't have a scanner, so I used the best I had.  Not quite as good, but fun, nonetheless. 

Interestingly enough, I stood in my parent's dining room to take this photo.  Mom was in the kitchen doing the dishes.  I liked the faces she was making at me while I tried to get a clear reflection.  The irony didn't hit me until I loaded this.  She's washing the dishes while there is a china cabinet full of them in the photo with her. 

Family Christmas in St. Augustine,FL last year. 

On the way to and from Florida, we listened to Marley and Me.  Nice story.  It's always hard to listen, read or watch when you know sadness is on its way.  The journey was worth the result though.  Anwyay, this little guy came up and decided to be friends with my mom.  He really liked her for some reason.  What an adorable puppy!  This isn't a great shadow shot, but I can tell you that's the only time my legs will ever look that long! 

Not sure what else I'll have to say anytime soon.  It feels like life has just been ho-hum living the day to day, but it always feels good to get back at this blogging thing! As much as anything, I enjoy keeping up with friends and family and hearing how they're doing.


heather said...

Wondering where you've been friend! I've felt the same way about blogging. It's just so normal and boring around here...what could I say that I haven't already in a previous post?

But I do LOVE seeing from you. So good idea to put pictures up. :) Did you just go to Florida...or was that last winter? You got some great shots!!

Mary said...

Yay!!! A Cheryl post! I like those. I couldn't see the reflection right away in the first one so I was glad you explained it. I love the bird. So pretty.

Sherri said...

I always love reading your thoughts, Cheryl. Thanks for posting. Cute dog and nice legs. :)