Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Christmas Gatherings

These pictures are long overdue. They are also in pretty random order. I put quite a few on here, but wanted to share plenty for a couple cousins that live far enough away that they didn't get to be there. You were missed!
We start with the Schwartz Christmas.

Aidan Hasbrouck, 2 yr old. "Mmmmm......homemade ice cream that Papa Schwartz (Fred) made. Gotta get this stuff to my.......
......mouth! Yep. I did it. Notice no drips of this stuff landed on my shirt! Yum!"

Nathan, Merlin and Gina's youngest. What a little cutie!

Merlin approves of the look Aidan has going on.

My sister Laura.

Emily Mast, one of many cousins to follow. Gotta say I'm pretty impressed with her camera.

Rasika Keely taking a break from her self-appointed job of expediting the white elephant exchange. I don't think she realizes yet that she's just beautiful.

Singing a couple Christmas carols. This was just before everyone old enough to remember Grandma Katie was crying as we sang Silent Night, her favorite song. I like knowing that she heard us from heaven. She sure is missed!


And more cousins!

So many little cousins, otherwise known as great grands, that it's hard to keep track of which ones belong with which older cousins.

Two of my uncles, Fred, Merlin, and a couple grandbabies.

And now a few of the Eichorns. I'm not quite sure why, but I didn't take many pictures that day. I think it's probably because I get to see them more often.

Isaac Miller and Joel Eichorn.


Mary said...

Awww. Thanks for the pictures. I saw almost everyone. Looks like it was a houseful!!!! I am thinking that we need to start calling it a Christmas Reunion since it's gotten so extended. I hope I can make it again one of these years.

Anne Meg said...

what a family!
I have always been jealous of you people. My family christmas consists of about 6 people :)

heather said...

Great family pics Cheryl. It's so fun to see all the faces I know but haven't see for a long time. I had seen some of the Schwartz pictures on Joel's facebook...and I was just amazed at how people had changed. ie: Rasieka (spelled wrong...sorry) and Curtis. :) Fun to see them again.

Thanks also for your encouraging message you sent about my sis. :)

Nicole said...

man I miss seeing you!!! How is bible study going for you? I love your pictures of christmas! That is great that so many of you are still able to get together! What a blessing!

sherri said...

Great pictures, Cheryl. It was fun to get a glimpse of family members...esp. your sister. I've never met her, but can certainly tell that she is your sister.

I love big family gatherings like this...so neat.

Nicole said...

R U there? :) I miss ya girl you gotta blog!!! Maybe I should join the Y again so I can see ya :)See ya tomorrow at church!