Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm still here!

So...even though my cousin Mary just moved and has 3 little boys, she's been finding more time to blog than I have. I was kindly informed that tomorrow marks 1 month since I've posted. This will meet the requirement, but not really say whole lot.

I've just not had much to say lately. It's occurred to me that I have not been writing much, but the inspiration has just not been there. I'm going to Bible study at church on Monday's. Since I help lead a group, I think I maybe spend a little more time preparing for that than I would if I just attended. I'm also taking a French class that's kicking my derriere! (That's not a word we've covered in class, but it definitely has French flavor.) I'm also dog-sitting for 2 weeks. That doesn't really sound all that time-consuming, but I was signed up to take Ruby (that's the dog...Cairn Terrier.......same kind of dog as Toto....hence the name in, the slippers). Anyway...I had to take her to the groomer, and have had to do a few other things that have required more time than usual, not to mention going back and forth to my house b/c I keep forgetting things that I need to take with me to Ruby's house.

All this to say, I really don't have much to say. Sorry for the drought. Sometime this weekend I intend to tell you all 8 things. I've read a few of yours and will work on my own, but I have to get to bed so I can get up at 0500 to go to Chicago tomorrow. Long story, really more of a necessary trip than a fun trip, but it should still be a good day.

Back to the 8 things. You know, I've gotten 4 different emails with the get-to-know-you theme going. Now I've been tagged to list my 8 things. It seems like we crave time with each other and more intimate knowledge of each other's wishes, hopes and dreams. I like the idea. I wish, comes one of my wishes.......that we could sit down over coffee a little more frequently and just talk with each other rather than type out our 8 things. Don't get me wrong. I like the idea. I enjoy them, and I plan to participate. I just crave the quality time (yes, I've read "Five Love Languages"), and think it would be more fun in person rather than bonding with my laptop. That's one of the things I miss about the Africa Mercy. There was more time to just be with people.

Thanks for checking in Mary.


Mary said...

Hey! Anytime. I'm completely satisfied...well maybe not completely. But a bit of coffee and a nice piece of cake with you would be fun. I need to respond to me e-mails regarding our trip to the big MI. I look forward to all the details. Sorry about the dog sitting gig. That doesn't sound very fun to me.

heather said...

Cheryl.....You have been busy...Working full time taking a class, AND leading/teaching a bible study???? Oh and dog sitting???? no wonder you have no time to blog. But that's why I tagged you to give you an outline. :)

Hey Mary when you get into Michigan...maybe we should schedule a coffee night with you, me, and Cheryl. I agree Cheryl it doesn't happen enough. But part of the problem is distance, sadly enough.

Why did you have to go to Chicago? What are you doing there?

Can't wait to hear what your 8 things are.