Sunday, July 27, 2008

Don't give up on me!

This is going to be a super short post. Don't give up on me, all 3 of you that read this blog! Somehow between work and trips out of town, life has gotten busier than I expected in July. I have a few things to add, it's just not going to be for a few more days!


Mary said...

I still check in Cheryl. I've been debating whether or not to send a whiny e-mail about your lack of communication but figured you're already aware of it. :)

heather said...

O.K. Cheryl we won't give up....We'll be waiting. And by the way there's more than 3 of us. :O)

Rosetta said...

I'm glad to know you are still able to move your fingers! When I stopped to see Uncle Floyd today that was his comment when I asked how he was, "I'm still able to move my fingers" and then with a chuckle added, "that means rigomortis hasn't set in!!!"
I'll look forward to your post..please update us on your Mother, too.